Comps – Day 5

Today is the final of the DMA Comprehensive Exams. I am glad to be done with this part of the process. It has been good though. I have learned a lot and I have learned that there is a lot I did not know. I feel that this is the stuff I should have been learning all along, rather than how to recreate medieval numes from all the different regions of France….. One of the most difficult things about studying for comps has been time management. I have found so many interesting things that I get off on to a tangent a read for a couple hours; have to stay focused! In addition, Apple’s iPad couldn’t have been release on a worse weekend. I pre-ordered one, so it came on Saturday. I have been loving it, but I have not had the time to enjoy as much I will starting later today. For now, this is a must-buy app:

iBone XL for iPad!

iTunes link:

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