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Cabin Fever

I have spent the majority of the past week indoors and/or in bed or laying on the couch. Back injuries are awesome.


Horn Upgrade

This is a minor upgrade, but I recently swapped out the plastic linkages on my Edwards Axial-Flow Valve for the metal linkages now offered on So far, they are quieter and more smooth. I think i will go through oil MUCH quicker though.

New Bio Pic

Kate and I spent some time taking some new bio pictures. This is my favorite from the bunch. What do you think?


L3-L5 and L4-L5

Herniated/ruptured/bulged disks. Whatever you want to call them, they are messed up. This is the third time this year that I have had the disks bulge. Each time it puts me out of commission for around a week, if not more. This time was pretty inopportune. Doctoral Comprehensive exams are less than a month away and I need all the time I can get get to study. I can barely walk and I can not drive, so getting to the library and even sitting at the computer is extremely difficult. I am only writing this blog because of the WordPress app on my iPhone; I am writing this laying down on my back in bed.

The doctors do the typical thing: give some muscle relaxers and a pain killer and then tell you that they won’t do much and that the back will either get better or it won’t. Thanks for that…

Have any of you had spine issues? What have you found to help the most for pain management?