Thoughts on Summer Practicing

The summer time is great for relaxed practice time. I may or may not practice more than during the school year, but the stress-free environment, for me, produces great results in practicing. I can take the time to mentally refocus on areas of my playing that I have not had the time to focus on due to other projects. This summer I am trying to re-introduce a more relaxed approach to all ranges of the trombone. I feel that I have become more effort-based (if that makes sense). I have found myself moving and shifting too much and blowing and articulating more than is necessary.

Goals for summer 2009 practicing:

    Relaxed approach to all ranges of the horn
    Consistent articulations
    Softer softs
    More refined orchestral excerpts (Quad City Symphony Orchestra and Cedar Rapids Orchestra auditions in August)
    Prepare a recital to be performed in the first couple weeks of Fall ’09 Semester
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