More Excitement at Celebration Bridal!

When I was picking Kate up from work we heard a loud crash, I looked around and I saw people flying off a motorcycle. A car had hit a motorcycle with two people on it! Luckily, they were wearing helmets, although the gentleman on the bike had a pretty mangled leg. One of the people just a few cars back was a medical professional of some kind and had a kit in her car. She quickly started treating them for shock and giving them oxygen as she had a kit in her car. Kate called the ambulance and the police, EMT, and fire fighters arrived in just two to three minutes. It was amazingly fast response. Here are some pictures from the frightful event:

The wreckage from the accident.

The wreckage from the accident.

Plenty of help.

Plenty of help.


Celebration Bridal Robbed!

This has been an exciting first week of summer! I had a hard drive failure (luckily, I had my hard drive cloned) and then the bridal store Kate manages was broken in to! There was very little cash in the register, so they only got away with around $90 and some fake jewelry. Exciting stuff….

This door was less sturdy than we thought.

This door was less sturdy than we thought.

Cash register emptied.

Cash register emptied.

Thoughts on Summer Practicing

The summer time is great for relaxed practice time. I may or may not practice more than during the school year, but the stress-free environment, for me, produces great results in practicing. I can take the time to mentally refocus on areas of my playing that I have not had the time to focus on due to other projects. This summer I am trying to re-introduce a more relaxed approach to all ranges of the trombone. I feel that I have become more effort-based (if that makes sense). I have found myself moving and shifting too much and blowing and articulating more than is necessary.

Goals for summer 2009 practicing:

    Relaxed approach to all ranges of the horn
    Consistent articulations
    Softer softs
    More refined orchestral excerpts (Quad City Symphony Orchestra and Cedar Rapids Orchestra auditions in August)
    Prepare a recital to be performed in the first couple weeks of Fall ’09 Semester

Forgot About This:

While I am kind of out for the count due to my old-man-back issues, I have been working on scanning high resolution album art so that my iTunes is more pretty. I ran across this Steve Turre liner notes/album art this is gorgeous/crazy.


Steve Turre Lotus Blossom Album Art

Steve Turre Lotus Blossom Album Art

Back Injury Update

I have had some old-man issues with my back lately. I herniated (mild) the disks between both the L3-L4 and L4-L5. The doctor has me on prescription strength Aleve (Naproxen), Vicodin (Hydrococodone), and Flexerol (Cyclobenzaprine). Since two of the three can cause drowsiness, I have been sleeping through the night for the first time in years = amazing! The down side is that I am equally tired much of the day. The pain in the back is much less than it was even a week ago. Most of the discomfort I am experiencing is pain down the right leg due to the herniation pinching the sciatic nerve. One of these days I will figure out how to live a normal life without constantly injuring myself (side note: The herniation happened while sitting on a bench at the Cheesecake Factory).

Q&A with Trombone Master Wycliffe Gordon | Features | Charleston City Paper

Q&A with Trombone Master Wycliffe Gordon | Features | Charleston City Paper.

4 Times the Hard Drive = iTunes Ripping

The hard drive on my MacBook recently tanked. I purchased a HD with four times the capacity. This means that, for the first time, I can have the iTunes library I have always wanted on my laptop. I have always kept a pretty lean iTunes library due to limited HD space. I have spent a good portion of the day today importing tunes and scanning liner notes, in between practicing of course.

California voters kill budget measures – Los Angeles Times

California voters kill budget measures – Los Angeles Times.

Trombonist to the stars – Las Vegas Sun

Trombonist to the stars – Las Vegas Sun.

Google news found this one. This article happens to be about the trombonist brother of a friend from Northern Colorado, Reid Tanouye.


Just in the Nick of Time

Just this morning I finished the redirect of my website to its current location. This afternoon my MacBook died. I have never seen nor heard of the error: “Invalid B-tree node size”. I can boot from the disk, but from Disk Utility I can’t verify or repair the disk. I also can not reinstall Leopard. I think my hard drive is dead. If that’s the case, ITA going to stink. The white MacBook is not easy to get in and out of and the Apple Store charges a pretty penny for computers that are out of warranty.