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Trombonist to the stars – Las Vegas Sun

Trombonist to the stars – Las Vegas Sun.

Google news found this one. This article happens to be about the trombonist brother of a friend from Northern Colorado, Reid Tanouye.


Just in the Nick of Time

Just this morning I finished the redirect of my website to its current location. This afternoon my MacBook died. I have never seen nor heard of the error: “Invalid B-tree node size”. I can boot from the disk, but from Disk Utility I can’t verify or repair the disk. I also can not reinstall Leopard. I think my hard drive is dead. If that’s the case, ITA going to stink. The white MacBook is not easy to get in and out of and the Apple Store charges a pretty penny for computers that are out of warranty.


Cedar Rapids Municipal Band

I recently won a position in the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band. The organization is funded by the city of Cedar Rapids and performs two concerts a week for about ten weeks each summer. For a complete listing of performance dates, click the “Upcoming Events” tab on the top of this page.